Name: Jon Stephens
Title: Web Programmer
Primary Skills: Perl, MySQL, PHP, JavaScript, VBScript/ASP, MSSQL, Flash MX
Summary: I've been doing raw HTML and JavaScript work since 1994. I didn't start doing it on a contract basis until I worked at Taos Mountain in 1998. I enjoy all web technologies and I am always striving to push the limits of new technologies. Lately I've done mostly Perl and MySQL projects but most of my professional history is PHP/MySQL and ASP/MSSQL sites. If you look at my sample sites you will notice that I don't use JavaScript that much. Although it is a very useful and flexible language I prefer to not rely on the client to do anything other than input if possible. This removes a lot of potential script security holes and also guarantees that your server side scripting isn't halfway done since you have to make sure that you check for everything. If you think you know of a project that would interest me feel free to email me using the contact button or just clicking here. I've disabled the links to reference sites that no longer exist or have changed hands.
Additional Skills: CSS, DHTML, XML, WSH, WAP, RSS, PostgreSQL, Verisign, PayPal,, CCBill, CentOS/Apache/MySQL tuning and more
Experience: Friendfinder Inc. - May 2005 to Present
Sr. Perl Engineer

Friendfinder Inc runs the largest personals sites. We run a server farm of over 1000 machines with a high availability Perl application on a MySQL/Netapp backend. I'm responsible for helping maintain and grow the code base as we add new features. I recently implemented a custom session management system to deal with our scale of traffic. I've added transparent data caching layer utilizing memcached and Storable. I also maintain our mobile detection code for our sites and adding more AJAX/JSON widgets into the sites. On top of all of that I help maintain our code release system and automation tools.

PDRCo - December 2003 to April 2005
Web Programmer / Systems Administrator

PDRCo developed a web based radio station technology. I have been responsible for the server build-ups, database management, flash programming, client API and all server management along with the phone systems. The project is ASP, XML, Flash, and SQL driven.

Miranet Web Services - April 2003 to December 2003
Web Programmer / Systems Administrator

Miranet does website design and hosting for other companies. I was the Windows System Administrator and the lead ASP/Windows programmer. During my time there I worked on a large variety of sites. Some of them are listed in the Sample Sites section. Even though I primarily did ASP/MSSQL there I also did PHP/Perl/MySQL/Sybase and Ektron's CMS2000 modifications.

Contractor - July 2001 to April 2003
Web Programmer

Due to market problems I switched to doing lots of small contracts during this time while waiting for the market to come back up. I did too many things to describe in and out of this job field.

Binary Broadcasting - June 1999 to June 2001
Systems Administrator / Programmer

I was responsible for all of the office systems and the server farm. I also did ASP and Flash programming for the web client that they created.

MySoftware Inc - July 1999 to December 1999
NT Administrator / EDI Programmer

I supported the other NT Administrator. Upgraded the accounting EDI system to the new Y2K standard. Redesigned the Intranet and integrated it with an ASP/SQL backend.

Taos Mountain - August 1998 to July 1999
NT Administrator / SQL Programmer / Tech Support

NT Administration for companies such as SGI, Clarify and Portal. SQL Administration for a few start-ups. I usually rebuilt or worked on the Intranets wherever I went.

Sample Sites: Company Sites

Roche Leather
ASP based eCommerce site I setup. Added a few custom features to it, mostly the category code for custom product fitting and such. Also added the dynamic navbar that is driven by the database so they can maintain everything through a web interface.

There is an extranet and web based filesystem that I can't show you due to NDAs. The site is all ASP/MSSQL/XML with a Flash demo. You can view the demo with the password "password".

Helped maintain and expand their site. It's Perl/Sybase with a custom template system.

Menlo Equities
A Reality company who's site we built from scratch. There is a lot of ASP OOP in the background to manage the property listing and for the agents in their section.

Safe Computing
Is part of Miranet Web Services. I had to rebuild most of the site at one point. The best thing is the JavaScript/Perl/MySQL user review system that you can see here. The system requires the graphic designer to copy/paste 5 lines of code in and change two things. Then it works in the background through Perl scripts. But it runs completely independently of the e-commerce system due to a lot of limitations in the e-commerce software.

Procera Networks
I built the Interactive Demo of the OptimIP Management GUI for them. It's based on a series of pages that I had to use the wget tool to get the pages out of one of their routers since they couldn't provide source for the dynamic server it runs.
Another online reseller that I built the store for with the help of a graphic designer. This is a modified E-Cart system.

This is a customer relations package for a group of car dealerships. As far as I can tell they've never used it. You can login as "jon" with a password of "test". It runs an email marketing system in the background that does user click through reporting and user tracking.

SATO America
They make printers and Miranet hosts their site. I had to rebuild almost all of the scripts on this site from scratch. There is a large reseller area that you can't see. But I also had to create automated scripts that ran on the server in order to send update emails to the administrative staff.

The Pet Pantry
This was actually a very large project. The website guest can only see a small portion of the work. There is a large corporate intranet in the background and a windows application that synchronizes with a corporate database. The site is currently having issues as the company is changing hosting companies. I will be helping them reconfigure the site for the new ISP.

Personal or Non-Profit Sites
This site. Has a custom PHP module engine.
I created an alumni site for my old boy scout troop. We use it to arrange events and keep track of where people are.

Life with Jonas
A friend's band who's site is in a constant state of fluctuation. The site is currently mostly disabled as we are working on a new revision. But what you see there now is a custom PHP module system. What looks like directories are module names and it parses the modules dynamically in the background.

This is an IRC channel I hang out on. I built up a site to provide another interface to a perl bot that was written for our IRC channel. This provides a much easier form of access to the information that the bot logs.
Other Information: Eagle Scout, God & Life Award, Assistant Scoutmaster, I'm also a Windows Sys Admin and can do Jr Sys Admin on most Linux platforms.
  References available upon request.